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Poster session 22: Imaging and image processing V

S Manthey, H Thomas, G Cattaneo, O Beuing, B Preim… - Biomedical Engineering/ …, 2017

Stents and flow diverters are common devices for endovascular X-ray-guided treatment of  neurovascular diseases like aneurysms or artherosclerosis, but they are barely visible in  many situations. To improve visibility during interventions, they are equipped with radio-


Poster session 3. Imaging and image processing III

V Blank, V Keim, J Pelz, T Karlas - Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik, 2017

Objectives: Evaluation of advantages and limitations of novel 3D-ultrasound-angiography  techniques. Methods: For this case series, three patients with different vascular anomalies of  the liver were examined with a conventional ultrasound transducer. The common 2D B-


Plenary talk 1: Pre-aggregation functions: Theory and applications in classification and image processing

H Bustince - Fuzzy Systems Association and 9th International …, 2017

In recent times, there has been a huge interest in the study of generalized forms of  monotonicity which allows to define and/or cover many functions which, not being  aggregation functions because they are not monotone in an usual sense, are of great 


Session 24: Imaging and image processing II–X-Ray and multimodal imaging

P Piersimoni, V Bashkirov, B Faddegon, JR Méndez… - Biomedical Engineering/ …, 2017

The purpose of this work was to evaluate the accuracy of relative stopping power (RSP) of  helium computerized tomography (HeCT) in comparison to proton computerized  tomography (pCT). A prototype scanner that tracks individual particles and measures their 


Automatic Image Processing based Size Characterization of Green Pellets

V Subramanyam, P Patra, MK Singh - International Journal of Automation and Smart …, 2017

Abstract The size of pellets has a significant effect on the performance of blast furnaces.  Based on experience, the universally accepted size of pellets for efficient blast furnace  operations is between 9 millimeters to 16 millimeters. But presence of smaller size pellets or 


P3356Plaque characteristics in acute myocardial infarction patients with high fatty acid-binding protein 4 level: optical coherence tomography study

T Nunohiro, Y Mashimo, T Fukushima, M Kurobe… - European Heart Journal, 2017

Page 1. Image processing and standards / Chronic heart failure (CHF) 693 nificantly lower with INRT. In CRT procedures total DAP was significantly reduced due to lower cine DAP and lower fluoro DAP. C-Arm pts INRT pts P ...


Session 45. Imaging and image processing IV–MRI

L Buschle, F Kurz, HP Schlemmer, T Kampf, C Ziener - Biomedical Engineering/ …, 2017

The mean capillary diameter is an important quantity to assess angiogenesis-induced  changes in tumorous tissue, yet its value is usually two orders of magnitude smaller than the  typical resolution in a MR-experiment. However, a detailed analysis of the-and-relaxation 


Robust and automatic measurement of grinding-induced subsurface damage in optical glass K9 based on digital image processing

YJ Zhao, YH Yan, KC Song, HN Li - Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Abstract Optical glass K9 is a critical kind of optical materials, however experiments have  indicated that the mechanical grinding of K9 easily led to subsurface damage (SSD).  Although substantial SSD measurement methods have been suggested, the problems 


Session 58. Imaging and image processing V–Miscellaneous

CB Pereira, M Czaplik, B Venema, V Blazek… - Biomedical Engineering/ …, 2017

In critical care medicine, heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR) are two paramount  parameters to assess the well-being of patients. Since the current measurement modalities  (eg ECG probes, chest straps, pulse oximeters) require attachment of sensors to the patient's 


Poster session 7. Biosignal processing and monitoring II

J Langer, K Sohrabi, W Nikolaizik, P Stein, M Geis… - Biomedical Engineering/ …, 2017

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