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 Electronic Surveillance of Invasive Mold Diseases in Hematology-Oncology Patients: An Expert System Combining Natural Language Processing of Chest Computed …

MR Ananda-Rajah, C Bergmeir, F Petitjean, MA Slavin… - JCO Clinical Cancer …, 2017

Purpose Prospective epidemiologic surveillance of invasive mold disease (IMD) in hematology patients is hampered by the absence of a reliable laboratory prompt. This study develops an expert system for electronic surveillance of IMD that combines probabilities 


Accurate Identification of Fatty Liver Disease in Data Warehouse Utilizing Natural Language Processing

JS Redman, Y Natarajan, JK Hou, J Wang, M Hanif… - Digestive Diseases and …, 2017

Methods We utilized this technique to develop algorithms capable of “reading” full-text radiology reports to accurately identify the presence of fatty liver disease. Abdominal ultrasound, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging reports were 


Gamification for Arabic Natural Language Processing: Ideas into Practice

I Zeroual, A El Kah, A Lakhouaja - Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial …, 2017

Abstract Gamification is a novel IT development that focuses on how to address the use of games and apply game design techniques in a non-gaming context. Recently, it has significantly attracted several researchers' attention concerned with different fields such as 


Towards Cognitively Constrained Models of Language Processing: A Review

M Vogelzang, AC De Rechteren van Hemert, D Reitter… - Frontiers in Communication, 2017

... other cognitive processes. Architecture-based cognitive models of languageprocessing may be able to make explicit which language-specific resources areneeded to acquire and process natural language. The review sheds ...


[HTML] Adaptive Spelling Error Correction Models for Learner English

R Nagata, H Takamura, G Neubig - Procedia Computer Science, 2017

Spelling errors are a characteristic of learner English and degrade the performances of naturallanguage processing systems targeting English learners. This pap. ... In: Proc. of 2009 Conferenceon Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. 2009, p. 1241-1249. ...


[HTML] Big data analysis to Features Opinions Extraction of customer

A Mars, MS Gouider - Procedia Computer Science, 2017

Opinion mining refers to extract subjective information from text data using tools such as naturallanguage processing (NLP), text analysis and computational li. ... O. Etzioni, “Extracting productfeatures and opinions from reviews,” in Natural language processing and text mining. ...


Segment convolutional neural networks (Seg-CNNs) for classifying relations in clinical notes

Y Luo, Y Cheng, Ö Uzuner, P Szolovits, J Starren - Journal of the American Medical …, 2017

Abstract. We propose Segment Convolutional Neural Networks (Seg-CNNs) for classifyingrelations from clinical notes. Seg-CNNs use only word-embedding features.


A semi-automated approach for generating natural language requirements documents based on business process models

B Aysolmaz, H Leopold, HA Reijers, O Demirörs - Information and Software …, 2017

... Cover image Cover image. A semi-automated approach for generating naturallanguage requirements documents based on business process models. ... However,the final requirements are typically still specified in natural language...


[PDF] Language-based Construction of Explorable News Graphs for Journalists

R Bois, G Gravier, E Jamet, M Robert, M Emmanuel… - … Language Processing- …, 2017

Faced with ever-growing news archives, media professionals are in need of advanced tools to explore the information surrounding specific events. This problem is most commonly answered by browsing news datasets, going from article to article and viewing unaltered 


Distributed Computing in Cognitive Analytics

V Kamat - Distributed Computing in Big Data Analytics, 2017

... The cognitive analysis, includes some of the most compute intensive processing such as NLP(natural language processing), ML (machine learning), probabilistic reasoning, and traditionalstatistical computation among other compute intensive data processing...


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